Wireless Networking and Hospitality Broadband Solutions

Wireless networking allows our customers to network their office computers without the burden of having to run cables to every device. The modern workplace is becoming more mobile. Speed and coverage of wireless networks within the workplace are continuously increasing.

Ezycom Solutions can design and implement quality wireless networks using the latest technology and proven methods of integrating wireless access points, bridges, repeaters and adapters.

Hospitality Broadband Solutions

Holiday makers and travelling business people are demanding access to the internet in their accommodation and are willing to pay for it. Multiple solutions are available for providing this feature to guests.

These include:

  • Wireless
  • Existing room cabling using DSLAN to each room
  • Ethernet-cabled broadband to each room
  • Internet cafes and lounges
  • Publicly available wireless hotspots

These solutions can reflect a combination of these methods.
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